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SEMUD V1.01 Mig33 Kicker

Mig33 Kicking Tools Applications


  • SET 10 ID
  • LOGIN 50 / 100 MIGPRO
  • 2 DELAY
DOWNLOAD MIG33 KICKER (pass: shabitmig33)

Mig33 Single Room Clone ID Tools

Single Room Clone ID
Mig33 Clone ID Software


  • Mig33 room chat
  • Ip scan
  • Auto left
  • Fix on top
  • Single room clone id

Mig33 Room Chatter Beta v2.00 + Auto Welcome

Mig33 Room Chatter Beta v2.00
Plus Auto Welcome, Emoticons added and Fixed some Bugs
Mig33 Chatter Applications


  1. Enter your ID and password mig33
  2. Connect then Login to the server
  3. Enter the Room Name
  4. Enter the Welcome Message

Unregister Your Number Mig33 Tips

This is very nice and cool mig33 tricks. Did you ever thought that one you register a ID to your number, it's possible to unregister your number. There's a way to unregister your number, but the id shouldn't be an active one.

Unregister Instructions:
  1. Login with your mig33 ID. ( This ID shouldn't be an active one)
  2. When you log in you will be prompted to choose one of three options. (i.e. ENTER CODE, RE-SEND CODE and REMIND ME LATER). Choose RESEND CODE option.
  3. Enter any other phone number in the textbox provided. You can enter any imaginary number, too.
  4. Click SEND
  5. Finish. Your number is free.
Note: you cannot unregister an activated ID. Once you register a nick, you can't register another ID on to the same number without this trick.